AI-powered social media monitoring for cosmetics

Cosmention tracks mentions of products, brands, hashtags and more across all social media channels. It is a fully automated service that provides always up-to-date consumer insights on beauty, skincare and other cosmetics.

Rising cosmetics brands on social media

Popularity of retinol by country

Most popular textures

This is just one exampleThese are just 3 examples of 250.000+ beauty trends, products & brands that Cosmention tracks

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Cosmention is a data analysis subscription service for cosmetics producers, boutiques, drugstores and beauty salons. We apply machine learning to identify relevant social media posts, extract information and break it down by KPIs.

Cosmention helps you:

  • Identify, track and forecast cosmetics trends
  • Measure social media response to your own and competitors' product releases
  • Keep up with viral cosmetics posts
  • Make decisions on what to develop, manufacture and stock
Always up to date

Zero setup

Everything is ready. There is no need to configure search queries - Cosmention automatically tracks more than 250.000 products, brands, ingredients and styles. You instantly have access to historic data going back to July 2020.

Always up to date

Tastes in beauty are shifting fast. Stay in the know with continuous updates. Cosmention has a 24/7 data newsfeed.

Built for beauty

Cosmention focuses on the beauty industry’s needs. Every post is checked for relevance to beauty and cosmetics. We track posts on all relevant social media channels and from all relevant influencers.

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Full social media coverage

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Tracks relevant entities for beauty and skincare











Using customized neural networks, Cosmention scans more than 50.000 social media posts for mentions of these entities every day. For each of them, it tracks relevant KPIs like share of voice and consumer engagement.

Tracked products by category

Leverage Machine Learning

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We provide predictions on future social media performance of products, brands, ingredients and other entities. The engine behind the predictions is the Prophet algorithm by Facebook Research. We always report confidence intervals.

Index Icon

Like stocks are grouped in indexes like the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones, we group cosmetic products. With indexes, you can monitor how whole categories of products are performing, and benchmark individual products against the index.

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Review analysis

We help you understand cosmetics consumers by identifying their likes and dislikes. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of reviews, we highlight which aspects consumers actually care about. Using our broad product database, Cosmention lets you benchmark products against others in its category.

Clustering icon

For each product, brand and other entity, we list the related other entities which are frequently mentioned in the same posts. This helps you discover related information and know which products are frequently compared or used together.

Data discovery

Curated newsfeed

We highlight our best findings from crunching the numbers on 50k+ social media posts per day. You can browse the data newsfeed like your Twitter feed. If a story piques your interest, a link takes you into the dashboard for further analysis.

Powerful dashboard

The dashboard provides deep analysis and continuous tracking:

  • Ranking of products, brands and styles
  • Drill down with advanced analyses
  • Watch viral videos and read posts directly in the dashboard
  • Benchmark products with indexes
  • Save favorites
  • Export data to Excel

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Frequently asked questions

Who develops Cosmention?

Cosmention is made by by Q | Agentur für Forschung in Mannheim, Germany. We are a full service market research agency. Please head over to our main website to learn more and get in touch!

How does Cosmention compare to social media monitoring tools?

Cosmention specializes in cosmetics. This enables it to offer more advanced analytics and makes it easier to use. Data is collected and categorized automatically by product, brand, ingredient and other categories. In contrast, standard tools require users to set up search queries themselves – which is time consuming and prone to errors.

Which languages and countries does Cosmention cover?

English and German speaking posts from every country in the world. The majority of social media posts are from the US, the UK and Germany.

How can I export data?

You can download data as Excel and CSV tables and download graphs as images.

Do you offer custom analyses and integrations?

Yes! Please contact us with your request.

Do you offer an API?

Not at the moment. Please contact us if you are interested.

What software is behind Cosmention’s AI?

Cosmention stands on the shoulders of giants. We use the best available open source software and customize it for cosmetics on social media. In particular, we use the leading natural language processing software spaCy, the Prophet forecasting algorithm by Facebook and the legendary Annoy clustering algorithm by Spotify. Our servers run on the market leading AWS cloud.