This manual shows the different pages available in the Cosmention dashboard and explains the user interface elements. Check out the use cases to learn more about the research questions you can answer with the tool. Please refer to support if you have any questions that this manual doesn’t answer.

The tool is structured in 5 main sections. Use the navigation bar to switch between them. Some also have links between each other, for example the news feed has links to detailed analysis pages for each mentioned product.

Navigation interface

News feed

Access your personalized 24/7 cosmetics social media news feed. Stay on top of what is happening in your product category, such as new launches, viral posts and trending hashtags.

News feed interface


You can receive the most important stories from the news feed in a weekly email. You can customize your weekly email using the email preferences window shown below. It is in the News tab, which is default one that opens when Cosmention starts.

Newsletter interface

You can define filters to increase the relevance of the news stories sent to you by email. In addition, the favorite products, brands, ingredients and hashtags you add in the Ranking tab improve your recommendations. Click on the ♥ heart symbol to favorite something. Cosmention selects stories for you that directly mention those favorites or that are similar to them.


Compare products, brands, ingredients, textures and hashtags to see which ones are most relevant on social media. Helps you identify the current best performers and growing competitors.

Ranking interface


Get detailed information on products, brands, ingredients, textures and hashtags. Provides mentions by social media platform, sponsored vs organic posts, pricing, reviews, Google searches and more. The available analysis cards depend on the selected entity - a price history makes sense for a product, but not for a hashtag.

Analysis interface Analysis interface Analysis interface Analysis interface Analysis interface Analysis interface